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Most popular works of art
Berthe Morisot - The Wet Nurse

Paul Klee - Orpheus

Paul Klee - Portrait O.T.

Gustav Klimt - Preparatory Drawing for Junius

Hendrick Goltzius - Torso Belvedere, Viewed Diagonally from Behind

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Self-portrait with a pipe

Edvard Munch - Self-Portrait with Hat and Overcoat

Rembrandt - Two Butchers at Work

Hendrick Goltzius - Four Studies of Hands

Rubellin - Turkish lady and the zeibeck

Piet Mondrian - Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue

Paul Klee - Flower Garden

Samuel van Hoogstraten - Towel, Brush, and Letter Bag on a Door

Paul Klee - Secret Letters

Edgar Degas - Cliffs beside the sea

Giovanni Battista Moroni - Portrait of a Man

Edouard Manet - Julie Manet Sitting on a Watering Can

Paul Klee - Fig Tree

Willem van Aelst - Vase of Flowers

Edvard Munch - Dance on the Beach

Newly added works of art
Chaim Soutine - Woman in Red

Chaim Soutine - Young Woman

Chaim Soutine - The Fool

Chaim Soutine - Cagnes

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - The Colosseum Seen through the Arches of the Basilica of Constantine

Jacques-Louis David - Madame Raymond de Verninac

Eugene Delacroix - Still-Life with Lobsters

Bernardo Bellotto - The Kreuzkirche in Dresden

Hippolyte Flandrin - Young Man Sitting by the Sea

Jean-Henri Cless - Atelier of David

Paul Delaroche - Joan of Arc in Prison

François Lemoyne - Hercules and Omphale

Marius Granet - Santissima Trinita dei Monti and the Villa Medici in Rome

Jean Jouvenet - The Resurrection of Lazarus

Jean Jouvenet - Doctor Raymond Finot

Charles de la Fosse - Moses Saved from the Water

Johann Heinrich Füssli - Lady MacBeth Sleepwalking

Paul Delaroche - Lady Jane Grey

Pieter de Grebber - Young People Blowing Soap Bubbles

Jean-Germain Drouais - Dying Athlete

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - The Composer Cherubini and Muse of Lyrical Poetry

Peter von Cornelius - The Recognition of Joseph by his Brothers

Bernardo Bellotto - The Demolition of the Ruins of the Kreuzkirche

Isaack Jansz. Koedyck - The Barber-Surgeon

Jacques-Louis David - Madame Charles-Louis Trudaine

Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval - Contesse de Loynes

Peter Paul Rubens - Medieval Tournament in front of Het Steen Castle

Jacob Jordaens - The King Drinks

Joshua Reynolds - Master Hare

Peter Paul Rubens - The Coronation in St. Denis

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