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Most popular works of art
Piet Mondrian - Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue

Paul Klee - Portrait O.T.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - View of Reggio Calabria

Rembrandt - Portrait of Anna Wijmer

Pieter de Hooch - St. Peter Liberated from Prison

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Self-portrait with a pipe

Théodore Gericault - Evening: Landscape with an Aqueduct

Paul Klee - Orpheus

Théodore Géricault - Horsewoman

Théodore Gericault - Alfred Dedreux as a Child

Hendrick Goltzius - Four Studies of Hands

Johannes Vermeer - Allegory of the faith

Théodore Géricault - Head of a White Horse

Jan Lievens - Saint Jerome Meditating in a Grotto, state 3

Govert Flinck - Bearded Man with a Velvet Cap

Piet Mondrian - Tableau No. II with Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Gray

Berthe Morisot - The Wet Nurse

Jan Steen - The Garden Party

Paul Cézanne - Portrait of Jules Peyron

Anthony van Dyck - Saint Sebastian Bound for Martyrdom

Théodore Gericault - A Charge of Cuirassiers

Edgar Degas - Landscape

Théodore Rousseau - Study of Severed Limbs

Egon Schiele - The Hermits (Self-portrait with Gustav Klimt)

Titian - Supper at Emmaus

Workshop of Diego Velazquez - Gathering of Gentlemen

Théodore Géricault - The Retreat from Russia

Jan Boeckhorst - Apollo's Chariot

Berthe Morisot - Eugene Manet with his Daughter at Bougival

Théodore Géricault - The Riderless Racers at Rome

Newly added works of art
Jean-Etienne Liotard - Mary Beauclerk, later Lady Charles Spencer

Paul Signac - Le Quai (Saint-Tropez)

Jean-Etienne Liotard - View from the Artist's House in Geneva

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Sketch of John Stuart, Viscount Mountstuart

Gérard Scotin after Jean-Baptiste Vanmout - The Çavus Bas, Chief Bailiff

Paul Signac - Snow in Montmartre

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown

Jean-Etienne Liotard - La Chocolatière

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - The first child

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria

Paul Signac - Saint-Briac. Les Balises

Paul Signac - Concarneau. Le Sardinier. Opus 218

Hendrick van Steenwijck the Younger - The Liberation of Saint Peter

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau - Gabriel Huquier

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Maria Theresa of Austria

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Marie Fargues, Wife of the Artist

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Eva Maria Garrick

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Harriet Churchill, Lady Fawkener

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Madame Paul Girardot de Vermenoux

Paul Signac - Saint-Briac, the Mill

Paul Signac - Port-en-Bessin

Hendrick Avercamp - Winter Landscape with a Frozen River and Figures

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Ekaterina Mavrocordato

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Self-Portrait in Profile

Circle of Rembrandt - Salome Receiving the Head of John the Baptist

Paul Signac - La Berge, Asnières

James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Brown and Gold: Portrait of Lady Eden

James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Variations in Pink and Grey: Chelsea

James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Harmony in Flesh Colour and Black: Portrait of Mrs Louise Jopling

Daniel Mijtens - Charles I

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Marie-Thérèse Liotard

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Isaac-Louis de Thellusson

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Lady Anne Somerset

Jean-Etienne Liotard - James Nelthorpe

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Frederick Ponsonby, Viscount Duncannon, later 3rd Earl of Besborough

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Prince Henry Benedict Stuart

James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Crepuscule in Flesh Colour and Green: Valparaiso

Paul Signac - Square Saint-Pierre

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Prince Charles Edward Stuart