The Nude and the Norm in the Early Modern Low Countries

Karolien De Clippel, Katharina Van Cauteren & Katlijne Van der Stighelen (eds.)

Title:The Nude and the Norm in the Early Modern Low Countries
Place:Turnhout, Belgium


5  Karolien De Clippel, Katharina Van Cauteren & Katlijne Van der Stighelen, Introduction
11  Eric Jan Sluijter, The Nude, the Artist and the Model: The Case of Rembrandt
35  Erna Kok, The Female Nude from Life: On Studio Practice and Beholder Fantasy
51  Victoria Sancho Lobis, Printed Drawing Books and the Dissemination of Ideal Male Anatomy in Northern Europe
65  Paul Taylor, Colouring Nakedness in Netherlandish Art and Theory
83  Hubert Meeus, Two Founts of Ivory: Nudity on Stage in the Seventeenth Century Low Countries
97  Johan Verberckmoes, Is that Flesh for Sale? Seventeenth-Century Jests on Nudity in the Spanish Netherlands
109  Ralph Dekoninck, Art Stripped Bare by the Theologians, Even: Image of Nudity / Nudity of Image in the Post-Tridentine Religious Literature
117  Veerle De Laet, Een Naeckt Kindt, een Naeckt Vrauwken ende Andere Figueren: An Analysis of Nude Representations in the Brussels Domestic Setting
131  Fiona Healy, Male Nudity in Netherlandish Painting of the Sixteenth- and Early Seventeenth- Centuries
159  Marie Geraerts, Rubens's Feast of Venus Reconsidered. The Turning of Hearts to or from Love? Sensuality of Virtue?
181  Katharina Van Cauteren, L'Honneur Animant la Beauté: Hendrick De Clerck's Diana Paintings for the Archdukes Albert and Isabella
201  Karolien De Clippel, Altering, Hiding and Resisting. The Rubensian Nude in the Face of Censorship