The Universal Art of Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-1678), Painter, Writer, and Courtier

Thijs Weststeijn (eds.)

Title:The Universal Art of Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-1678), Painter, Writer, and Courtier
Publisher:Amsterdam University Press
Series:Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age
Related persons: Samuel van Hoogstraten


7  , Preface, Approaches to a Multifaceted Master
21  , Prolog, Samuel van Hoogstraten and the Golden Age of Dutch Art, Literature, and Science: The Present Book and Future Research
35  Jan Blanc, Van Hoogstraten's Theory of Art
53  Celeste Brusati, Paradoxical Passages: The Work of Framing in the Art of Samuel van Hoogstraten
77  Ben Broos, The Young Samuel van Hoogstraten, Corrected by Rembrandt
97  Paul Taylor, "Zwierich van sprong": Samuel van Hoogstraten's Night Watch
115  Michiel Roscam Abbing, Samuel van Hoogstraten's Personal Letter-Rack Paintings: Tributes with a Message
139  Herman Colenbrander, A Pledge of Marital Domestic Bliss: Samuel van Hoogstraten's Perspective Box in the National Gallery, London
161  Fatma Yalcin, Van Hoogstraten's Success in Britain
183  Thijs Weststeijn, Samuel van Hoogstraten, the First Dutch Novelist?
209  Hendrik J. Horn, Great Respect and Complete Bafflement: Arnold Houbraken's Mixed Opinion of Samuel van Hoogstraten
241  Edited and translated by Hendrik J. Horn, Arnold Houbraken's references to Samuel van Hoogstraten and his 'Introduction to the Academy of Painting'