Gustav Klimt, Painting, Design and Modern Life

Tobias G. Natter and Christoph Grunenberg (eds.)

Title:Gustav Klimt, Painting, Design and Modern Life
ISBN:1854377353 (pbk.)
ISBN13:9781854377357 (pbk.)
Related persons: Gustav Klimt

Catalogue to the exhibition Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900


7  Bryan M. Gray, Sponsor's Foreword
8  Christoph Grunenberg and Tobias G. Natter, Foreword
10  Christoph Grunenberg, Tobias G. Natter, Andrea Nixon, Acknowledgements
13  Tobias G. Natter, Gustav Klimt: No More Than a Goldsmith?, The Cross-Pollination of Painting, Architecture and the Applied Arts in Vienna around 1900
25  Esther da Costa Meyer, Gesamtkunstwerk, or the Politics of Wholeness
33  Christoph Grunenberg, Luxury and Degradation: Staging Klimt
43  Beatriz Colomina, Sex, Lies and Decoration, Adolf Loos and Gustav Klimt
53  Elizabeth Clegg, 'Austrian Art' on the Move, The Cultural Politics of International Exhibiting 1900-1918
60  Elizabeth Clegg, The Foundation of the Viennese Secession
80  Eva Winkler, The Beethoven Frieze
100  Elizabeth Clegg, The Wiener Werkstätte
118  Elizabeth Clegg, Fritz and Lili Waerndorfer
132  Elizabeth Clegg, The Villa Henneberg
148  Elizabeth Clegg, The Gallia Apartment
162  Elizabeth Clegg, Karl Wittgenstein and the Wittgenstein Family
170  Paul Asenbaum, The Tea and Coffee Service Owned by Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein
182  Elizabeth Clegg, Eugenia and Otto Primavesi
192  Elizabeth Clegg, The Artist's Studio, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele
200  Elizabeth Clegg, Gustav Klimt and Landscape
214  Elizabeth Clegg, The World in Female Form
233  Tobias G. Natter, Chronology

This book is cited in

Tobias G. Natter, Franz Smola and Peter Weinhäupl (eds.), Klimt, Wien, 2012