Jan Steen, Painter and Storyteller

H. Perry Chapman, Wouter Th. Kloek, Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.

Title:Jan Steen, Painter and Storyteller
Place:New Haven and London
Publisher:Yale University Press
ISBN:0894682237 (paperback), 0300067933 (clothbound)
Related persons: Jan Steen

Catalogue to the exhibition Jan Steen, Painter and Storyteller


7  Henk van Os, Earl A. Powell III, Foreword
8  Wouter Th. Kloek and Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., Acknowledgments
11  H. Perry Chapman, Jan Steen, Player in His Own Paintings
25  Marten Jan Bok, The Artist's Life
39  Eddy de Jongh, Jan Steen, So Near and Yet So Far
53  Mariët Westermann, Steen's Comic Fictions
69  Lyckle de Vries, Steen's Artistic Evolution in the Context of Dutch Painting
83  Martin Bijl, The Artists Working Method
93  Arnold Houbraken, Jan Steen, From Arnold Houbrakens De groote schouburgh..., 1721


Christopher Brown, in Simiolus, 25, 1997 pp. 81-84

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