7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71C Genesis: the patriarchs
71C1 story of Abraham

71C11 Story of Abraham (part I)

            71C111 Abraham's youth (Genesis 11:29-32)
            71C112 Abraham communicating with God (in general)
            71C113 Abraham goes to Canaan (Genesis 12:1-9)
            71C114 Abraham in Egypt (Genesis 12:10-20)
            71C115 Abraham and Lot separating (Genesis 13)
            71C116 the battle of the kings and the rescue of Lot (Genesis 14:1-17)
            71C117 the meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek, the high priest and king of Salem, who brings bread and wine (Genesis 14:18-20)
            71C118 God's covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15)
            71C119 Abraham and Hagar (Genesis 16) (1)

Caspar Netscher
Sarah Leading Hagar to Abraham