Rombout Jansz. van Troyen (1605 - 1656)

Dutch painter

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 J. Dijkstra, P.P.W.M. Dirkse en A.E.A.M. Smits
De schilderijen van Museum Catharijneconvent
Utrecht, Zwolle, 2002

Books with an entry on Rombout Jansz. van Troyen
 P. Biesboer
Collections of paintings in Haarlem, 1572-1745
Los Angeles, 2001

Exhibitions with works by Rombout Jansz. van Troyen:
2008     At home in the Golden Age: minor masterpieces from the collection SØR Rusche

Born:   1605
Died:   1656
ULAN:   500000354