Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre (1713 - 1789)

French painter and sculptor

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Articles on Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre
Alden R. Gordon, Sets and pendants by J.-B.-M. Pierre and François Boucher in the collections of Madame de Pompadour and the Marquis de Marigny, in Burlington Magazine, 152, 2010 pp. 452-460
Victor Carlson, Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre and Homer's "Iliad", in Master Drawings, 35, 1997 pp. 185-188

Exhibitions with works by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre:
1991     The Loves of the Gods: Mythological Painting from Watteau to David
1968     Gods & Heroes: Baroque Images of Antiquity

Born:   1713
Died:   1789
ULAN:   500001529