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Jacob de Wet

(c. 1610 - after 1671)

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Books on Jacob de Wet

Werner Sumowski
Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler IV, Ch. Paudiss - Anonyme
Landau/Pfalz, 1989

Books with substantial mentioning of Jacob de Wet

Peter Schatborn
Rembrandt and his circle, Drawings in the Frits Lugt Collection
Bussum, 2010

Books with an entry on Jacob de Wet

P. Biesboer
Collections of paintings in Haarlem, 1572-1745
Los Angeles, 2001

Articles on Jacob de Wet

Dr. A. Bredius, Het schetsboek van Jacob de Wet, in Oud Holland, 37, 1919 pp. 215-222
Mr. Peter van Meurs, Iets over de hollandsche schilders De Wet en hun zuidafrikaansche nakomelingen, in Oud Holland, 18, 1900 pp. 227-232
P. Haverkorn van Rijsewijk, De schilder Jakob de Wet in Schotland, in Oud Holland, 17, 1899 pp. 191-192

Full name:Jacob Willemsz. de Wet
Born:c. 1610
Died:after 1671

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