Michael Sweerts

Clothing the Naked

Michael Sweerts - Clothing the Naked

Michael Sweerts
Clothing the Naked
c. 1661
81.9 x 114.3 cm
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman


Everett Fahy (ed.), The Wrightsman pictures, New York; New Haven, 2005, nr. 36


Lothar Franz Graf von Schönborn, Schloss Weissenstein, near Pommersfelden, by 1719–died 1729
Grafen von Schönborn, Schloss Weissenstein, from 1729
by descent to Grafen von Schönborn-Wiesentheid, Schloss Weissenstein, by 1861–1942
Dr. Karl Graf von Schönborn-Wiesentheid, Schloss Weissenstein and Schloss Wiesentheid, 1942–at least 1970
with Michael Tollemache, London, until 1981, sold to Wrightsman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman, New York, 1981–84

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RKD 67919
Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 1984.459.1

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