Vincent van Gogh

Still life with a bouquet of daisies

Vincent van Gogh - Still life with a bouquet of daisies


Catalogues raisonnés
F 197
JH 1167

Collection catalogues
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Possibly with Mouwen
with Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam, sold to Nolst Trénité
Jan G.L. Nolst Trénité, Rotterdam, 1903, until at least 1939
by inheritance to his children
sold to E.J. van Wisselingh & Co. Art Gallery, Amsterdam, about 1950, to 1958
sale, Sotheby's, London, 3 December 1958, nr. 154
E.L. Catz, Curaçao, 1960
with Lefevre Art Gallery, London, 1963-1965
sold to Wildenstein & Co., New York, 15 July 1965
sold to Charlotte Dorrance Wright (1911-1977) and William Coxe Wright (died 1970), St. Davids, PA, 4 April 1966, until his death 1970
Charlotte Dorrance Wright
bequest to PMA, 1978

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Philadelphia Museum of Art Accession number 1978-1-33

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Vincent van Gogh
Still life with a bouquet of daisies
42.8 x 57.1 cm
Oil on paper mounted on panel
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Bequest of Charlotte Dorrance Wright