Vincent van Gogh

Olive Grove

Vincent van Gogh - Olive Grove


Catalogues raisonnés
F 708
JH 1855

Collection catalogues
Katharine Baetjer, European paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art by artists born before 1865, New York, 1995, p. 498 info

Ingo F. Walther, Rainer Metzger, Vincent van Gogh, Köln, 1993, p. 578
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the artist's brother, Theo van Gogh, Paris, 1890–died 1891, sent to him by the artist on 3 January 1890
his widow, Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, Amsterdam, in trust for their son, Vincent Willem van Gogh, 1891–her death 1925
Vincent Willem van Gogh, Amsterdam, 1925–26, sold in 1926 to A. Mak, Amsterdam, apparently as agent for Wildenstein, with Paul Rosenberg, Paris, as intermediary
with Wildenstein, New York and London, 1926–37, sold on 1 November 1937 to Schuster
Sir Victor Schuster, London, 1937–47
sale, Sotheby's, London, 26 July 1939, nr. 76, bought in by Carlson as agent for Schuster
deposited with Schuster collection for safekeeping at The Tate Gallery, London, from July 1940
with The Lefevre Gallery (Alex. Reid & Lefevre), London, until no later than December 1946, when consigned by Schuster to Wildenstein
sold by Schuster about September 1947 to Mayor
with Mayor Galleries, London, 1947–50, sold in May 1950 to Feilchenfeldt
with Walter Feilchenfeldt, Zurich, from 1950, sold to Simon
Simon, Switzerland, until died 1953
his widow, 1953, sold on 27 October via Francart S.A., Zug, Switzerland, to Lefevre
with The Lefevre Gallery (Alex. Reid and Lefevre), London, 1953–54, sold on 11 May 1954 to Salz
with Sam Salz, New York, 1954, sold on 15 May to Annenberg
Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg, Rancho Mirage, Calif., 1954–98
jointly with MMA, 1998–his death 2002

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 1998.325.1

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Vincent van Gogh
Olive Grove
72.7 x 92.1 cm
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Collection, Gift of Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg, 1998, Bequest of Walter H. Annenberg, 2002