Paul CÚzanne

Blue landscape

Paul CÚzanne - Blue landscape


R 882

Colin Eisler, Paintings in the Hermitage, New York, 1990, p. 379


2006 CÚzanne in Provence, Nr. 144
1907 Paul CÚzanne, Nr. 54

Other works by Paul Cezanne

Paul CÚzanne The battle of love
The battle of love
c. 1880

Paul CÚzanne Woman in a Green Hat (Madame CÚzanne)
Woman in a Green Hat (Madame CÚzanne)

Paul CÚzanne Louis-Auguste CÚzanne
Louis-Auguste CÚzanne
early 1860s

Paul CÚzanne Seated Peasant
Seated Peasant
c. 1892-96

Paul CÚzanne
Blue landscape
102 x 83 cm
Oil on canvas
Hermitage, St. Petersburg