Anthony van Dyck

Margriet de Vos

Anthony van Dyck - Margriet de Vos

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Anthony van Dyck - Frans Snyders
Anthony van Dyck
Frans Snyders
c. 1620-21


Catalogues raisonnés
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The Frick Collection, an illustrated Catalogue, New York, 1968, Volume I, pp. 172-175 info

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In the collection of Frans Snyders (died 1657) and his wife
in 1659 in the possession of Snyders' sister, Maria Snyders, beguine, who mentioned the paintings in her will, and bequeathed them to her niece Maria Anna Snyders, but were in the house of Frans's brother Michiel Snyders
De Nossé
Duc d’Orléans (mentioned in 1727, inventories of 1752 and 1785)
In 1792 the Dutch, Flemish, and German pictures of the Orléans collection were sold by Philippe Égalité to T.M. Slade, Chatham
In 1793 the picture was bought, presumably during the London exhibition of the Orléans pictures (Old Academy Rooms, Pall Mall, Wilson catalogue, Nr. 121), by the Earl of Warwick
With Knoedler
Frick, 1909
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Frick Collection, New York Accession number 1909.1.42

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Anthony van Dyck
Margriet de Vos
c. 1620-21
130 x 99 cm
Oil on panel
The Frick Collection, New York