Frans Hals

Family Group in a Landscape

Frans Hals - Family Group in a Landscape


Catalogues raisonnÚs
HdG 439
Moes 88
Seymour Slive, Frans Hals, London, 1970-72, nr. 176
Claus Grimm, Frans Hals, Stuttgart, 1989, as Workshop of Frans Hals

Collection catalogues
Neil MacLaren, revised and expanded by Christopher Brown, The Dutch school, 1600-1900, London, 1991, pp. 156-157, plate 137
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perhaps to be identified with the 'Family Piece, containing 10 Figures' by F. Hals in the Buckingham House sale, London, 24-25 February 1763, first day nr. 69
collection of Lord Talbot de Malahide, Malahide Castle, near Dublin
National Gallery, London, purchased from Lord Talbot de Malahide, 1908

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RKD 143833
National Gallery, London Accession number NG2285

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Frans Hals
Family Group in a Landscape
148.5 x 251 cm
Oil on canvas
The National Gallery, London

Family portrait