Jan Steen

The May Queen

Jan Steen - The May Queen


HdG 304A,, 305c, 311
Braun 26


2011 Celebrating in the Golden Age, Nr. 24

Other works by Jan Steen

Jan Steen Lovesick Woman
Lovesick Woman
c. 1658-60

Jan Steen The life of man
The life of man
c. 1674

Jan Steen The Dissolute Household
The Dissolute Household
c. 1661-63

Jan Steen Woman Playing a Cittern
Woman Playing a Cittern
c. 1662

Jan Steen
The May Queen
c. 1648-51
75.9 x 58.6 cm
Oil on panel
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
John G. Johnson Collection