Rembrandt - Smell

Discovered in 2015, this painting is part of a series of the five senses. At the moment only taste is still missing.


Phillip Joshua Rappoport (1887–1961) and Minnie Shelkowitz Rappoport (1894–1974), Paterson, New Jersey, by the 1930s
by descent to their daughter Lila Landau (1929–2010) and her husband Walter Landau (1928–2011)
by descent to their sons Nathaniel, Roger, and Steven Landau, New Jersey
sale, Nye & Co., New Jersey, 22 September 2015, no. 216, as Continental School, “Triple Portrait with a Lady Fainting”, to Galerie Talabardon & Gautier, Paris
from whom acquired by the present owner in 2016

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Leiden Collection, New York Accession number RR-111

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Monogram upper right 'RF' or 'RHF'
The Leiden Collection, New York