Antoni Coopal

Rembrandt - Antoni Coopal

Antoni Coopal
83 x 67 cm
Oil on panel
The Leiden Collection, New York


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 631
Bredius 203
Bauch 377 info
Gerson 183
Bredius/Gerson 203 info
Tümpel A89 (Rembrandt workshop)
Corpus III C 108 (circle or workshop)
Giltaij 223 (Rembrandt workshop)

Gary Schwartz, Rembrandt zijn leven, zijn schilderijen, Maarssen, 1984, fig. 130
Walter Liedtke, Rembrandt in America, Raleigh, Cleveland and Minneapolis in Burlington Magazine, 1307, 2012 pp. 150-151, fig. 79
Norbert Middelkoop (ed.), Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck, Amsterdam, 2017, fig. 22 (Rembrandt and Govert Flinck)
Norbert Middelkoop (ed.), Rembrandt and Amsterdam portraiture, 1590-1670, Madrid, 2020, fig. 80 (Rembrandt (Uylenburgh workshop))


Probably Choiseul-Praslin Collection
Choiseul-Praslin Sale, Paris, 18 February 1793 (Lugt 5005), nr. 35, to De Praslin
collection of Michael Bryan, London
his sale, George Squibb, London, 20 June 1821 (Lugt 10068), nr. 52
probably E. W. Lake Collection, London, 1845 and 1848
with Thomas Lawrie & Co., London, 1898
collection of Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild (1836–1905), Vienna, 1898
by descent to his nephew Baron Alphonse de Rothschild (1878?–1942), Vienna
seized by Nazi Forces in 1938 and taken to the Führerbau, Munich, by 1943 (no. 3116)
collected by the Allies and taken to the Munich Central Collecting Point (no. 1661/1)
released to the United States Forces in Austria (K1106)
returned to the Rothschild family on 25 April 1946
with Frederick Mont, New York
Baron and Baroness Charles and Edith Neuman de Vègvàr, Greenwich, 1947–62
by descent until 2007, as by Flinck and Rembrandt
with Otto Naumann, Ltd., New York, 2007
from whom acquired by the present owner in 2007

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RKD 32821
Leiden Collection, New York Accession number RR-103

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