David Wilkie

The Highland Family

David Wilkie - The Highland Family


Katharine Baetjer, British paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1575-1875, New York; New Haven and London, 2009, nr. 120


George Capel-Coningsby, 5th Earl of Essex, Cassiobury Park, Watford, Hertfordshire (1825d. 1839)
Arthur Algernon Capel, 6th Earl of Essex, Cassiobury Park (1839d. 1892)
sale, Christie's, London, 22 July 1893, nr. 49, to Sedelmeyer
with Sedelmeyer, Paris, 1893at least 1894
with Knoedler, New York, about 1904
Morris K. Jesup, New York (until d. 1908)
Maria DeWitt (Mrs. Morris K.) Jesup, New York (1908d. 1914)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, bequest of Maria DeWitt Jesup

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 15.30.52

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David Wilkie
The Highland Family
61 x 91.4 cm
Oil on wood
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Bequest of Maria DeWitt Jesup, from the collection of her husband, Morris K. Jesup