Dirck Hals

Garden party

Dirck Hals - Garden party

Dirck Hals
Garden party
c. 1624
77.6 x 135.7 cm
Oil on panel
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


Collection catalogues
Jonathan Bikker (ed.), Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 2007, plate 102

Christopher Brown, Scenes of everyday life, London; Boston, 1984, p. 174
Steven Nadler, The portraitist, Chicago; London, 2022, fig. 27


collection Mr Straeter, Rheine, early 19th century
from Mrs P. Driessen-Hooreman, Delft, to the museum, 1899

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RKD 18115
Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-A-1796

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