Chaim Soutine - The Ray


Tuchman, Dunow, Perls II-61


1989 Soutine, Nr. 32


Leopold Zborowski, Paris
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miestchaninoff, Paris and New York (until 1968)
with Crane Kalman Gallery, New York, 1968-69
with Perls Galleries, New York, 1969
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Perls, New York (1969-97)

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 1997.149.1

Other works by Chaim Soutine

Chaim Soutine Le garçon d'étage
Le garçon d'étage
c. 1927-28

Chaim Soutine Grandmother and Child
Grandmother and Child
c. 1943

Chaim Soutine Road at Cagnes
Road at Cagnes
c. 1922-23

Chaim Soutine Still Life with Fish, Eggs and Lemons
Still Life with Fish, Eggs and Lemons
c. 1924

Chaim Soutine
The Ray
c. 1924
81.3 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas
Signed (lower left): Soutine
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Perls Collection, 1997