Gerrit Lundens

Copy after The Nightwatch

Gerrit Lundens - Copy after The Nightwatch

Gerrit Lundens
Copy after The Nightwatch
67 x 85.5 cm
Oil on panel
The National Gallery, London
on loan to The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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2006 Rembrandt - Zoektocht van een genie, Nr. 36


a painting of a militia company was in the inventory made in Amsterdam in 1691 of the estate of Catharina Hooft, widow of Cornelis de Graeff (Frans Banning Cocq was related to the Hooft and de Graeff families)
this picture is presumably the militia company by Gerrit Lundens listed in the inventory of Pieter de Graeff, Amsterdam, 1709 (the size is not given in either case)
almost certainly in the Pieter van der Lip sale, Amsterdam, 14 June 1712, nr. 27
a picture supposed to be Rembrandt's modello for the Nightwatch, on panel and exactly the same size as this painting, belonged to Heer Boendermaker in 1758
Vrouw Theodore Beondermaker's sale, Amsterdam, 30 March 1768, nr. 1, bought by Foucquet
probably the reduction of the Nightwatch on panel which, ascribed to Rembrandt, was in the Randon de Boisset sale, Paris, 27 February sqq. 1777, nr. 51,bought by Lafitte
Counts d'Orsay and Hohenzollern sale, Paris, 20 March 1810, nr. 100 when it was said to have been withdrawn
probably the copy which according to Smith was in the possession of George Gillow (who is said to have imported it into England)
[John?] William Brett by 1836
Revd Thomas Halford, London
National Gallery, London, bequeathed by Revd Thomas Halford, 1857
on loan to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, since 1958

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Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-C-1453
National Gallery, London Accession number NG289