Frans Hals

Young Man with Skull (Vanitas)

Frans Hals - Young Man with Skull (Vanitas)


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according to the Elton Hall catalogue purchased for Sir James Stuart, Bart., by the painter Andrew Geddes
passed to his daughter, Mrs Woodcock, 1849
passed to her son, the Revd E. Woodcock, 1875
inherited by his sister, Mrs Stuart Johnson, 1893
purchased from her by the 5th Earl of Carysfort, Glenhart Castle, Ireland, in 1895 through Messrs Lawrie, London
by descent to Sir Richard Proby, Bart., MC
National Gallery, London, purchased from the Trustees of the Elton Heirloom Settlement under private treaty sale arrangements, 1980

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RKD 198831
National Gallery, London Accession number NG6458

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Frans Hals
Young Man with Skull (Vanitas)
c. 1626-28
92.2 x 80.8 cm
Oil on canvas
The National Gallery, London