Winslow Homer

Prisoners from the Front

Winslow Homer - Prisoners from the Front


2006 Americans in Paris 1860-1900, Nr. 96


With Samuel Putnam Avery, New York, 1866
John Taylor Johnston, New York, 1866–76
sale, Somerville Art Gallery, New York, 20 December 1876, nr. 181
Robert Lenox Kennedy, New York, 1876–died 1887
his sister, Mary Lenox Kennedy, New York, 1887–died 1917
her great-grandniece, Rachel Lenox Kennedy (Mrs. Frank B.) Porter, New York, until 1922

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 22.207

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Winslow Homer
Prisoners from the Front
61 x 96.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated at lower right: HOMER 1866
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Gift of Mrs. Frank B. Porter, 1922