Adriaen van Ostade

Peasants at an Inn

Adriaen van Ostade - Peasants at an Inn

Adriaen van Ostade
Peasants at an Inn
c. 1635
28.8 36.3 cm
Oil on panel
Alte Pinakothek, Munich


Marcus Dekiert, Alte Pinakothek, München, 2006, pp. 140-143


2014 Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age, Nr. 55


Probably Mr Servad, Amsterdam
his sale, Ploos van Amstel/Winter/Yver, Amsterdam, 25 June 1778, nr. 64, sold together with its pendant to Wubbels
Charles II August, Duke of Zweibrücken
his brother, Maximilian IV Joseph, Duke of Zweibrücken (1756-1825), by inheritance
integrated, together with the whole Zweibrücken gallery, into the Bavarian court collections in Munich when Maximilian became prince elector of Bavaria in 1799

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Alte Pinakothek, Munich Accession number 864

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