Susanna at the Bath

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Rembrandt - Susanna at the Bath
HdG 57
Bredius 505
Bauch 18
Gerson 84
Bredius/Gerson 505
Tümpel 14
Corpus III A 117
Corpus VI 144

Compiled by Quentin Buvelot, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague; Zwolle, 2004, p. 258

Ann Dumas (ed.), Inspiring Impressionism, Denver-New Haven, 2007, fig. 36
Eric Jan Sluijter, Rembrandt's rivals, Amsterdam; Philadelphia, 2015, fig. IIA-9
Ernst van de Wetering, Rembrandt in nieuw licht, Amsterdam, 2009, fig. 133

P.J. Sneijers, Antwerp, 1758
Govert van Slingelandt, The Hague, 1758
the entire collection sold to Willem V in 1768
Prince Willem V, The Hague, 1768-1795
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RKD 2926
Mauritshuis, The Hague Accession number 147
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Susanna at the Bath
47.2 x 38.6 cm
Oil on wood
Mauritshuis, The Hague