La main chaude

Rembrandt - La main chaude

Catalogues raisonnés
HdG -
Bredius -
Bauch -
Gerson -
Bredius/Gerson -
Tümpel -
Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler IV, Landau/Pfalz, 1989, nr. 1927 (as Anonymous School of Rembrandt)
Corpus VI 22 info

Collection catalogues
Homan Potterton, Dutch seventeenth and eighteenth century paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, 1986, pp. 127-129, fig. 135 (as School of Rembrandt)

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Ernst van de Wetering, Rembrandt, Amsterdam, [2016], fig. 131

Horace Buttery, London
from whom purchased by The National Gallery of Ireland, 1896

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La main chaude
c. 1628
21 x 27 cm
Oil on panel
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin