Gerard ter Borch

The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Münster, 15 May 1648

Gerard ter Borch - The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Münster, 15 May 1648

Gerard ter Borch
The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Münster, 15 May 1648
45.4 x 58.5 cm
Oil on copper
Signed on a tablet hanging on the left-hand wall: GTBorch. F. Monasterij. A. 1648 (GTB in monogram)
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
on loan from The National Gallery, London


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 6
Gudlaugsson 57

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in the collection of Hendrick ter Borch, burgomaster of Deventer and a distant cousin of the painter, in Deventer in 1672/4
passed to Hendrick's son, Bernard Heidentrijck ter Borch, in whose collection it was seen by Houbraken
not in the 1736 will of B.H. ter Borch (died in 1738) but apparently remained in the hands of his family since it was bought from one of his descendants by van Leyden of Amsterdam
Van Leyden sale, Paris, 5 sqq. November 1804, nr. 91, bought by de La Roche
said to have been in the collection of Chevalier de Lespinasse de Langeac (born c.1750, died 1842)
Prince de Talleyrand, Paris by June 1814
in the catalogue of the [Talleyrand] sale announced for 9 July 1817, nr. lot 38, the sale did not take place and almost the whole collection was bought in the same year by William Buchanan
passed from William Buchanan to the Duc de Berry by 1833
among the Duc de Berry's pictures exhibited for private sale in London, April 1834 (No. 69)
Duchesse de Berry's sale, Paris, 4-6 April 1837, nr. 1, bought by Octave Taunez for Prince Anatole Demidoff
Demidoff collection at San Donato, Florence
Prince Anatole Demidoff sale, Paris, 18 April 1868, nr. 18, bought by the 4th Marquess of Hertford
inherited with Lord Hertford's collection in 1870 by Sir Richard Wallace
National Gallery, London, presented by Richard Wallace, 1871

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Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-C-1683
National Gallery, London Accession number NG896

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