7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71T the book of Tobit
71T5 the journey to Ecbatana (Tobit 4-6)

71T57 The angel Raphael tells Tobias to cut the fish to pieces

            71T571 Tobias cuts up the fish and removes the heart, liver and gall
            71T572 the fish is cooked and eaten ~ Tobias' journey to Ecbatana (2)

Gerrit Willemsz. Horst
Tobias Cleaning the Fish
c. 1652

Gerrit Willemsz. Horst
Tobias cleaning the fish

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
Tobit cleaning the fish

Gaspar de Crayer
Tobias and the Angel

Govert Flinck
Tobias with the Fish and the Angel

Tobias with the Angel Disembowelling the Fish
c. 1640-42

Tobias Disembowelling the Fish, with the Angel
c. 1646-47

Tobias Disembowelling the Fish
c. 1653

Matthias Stom
Tobias and the angel
c. 1630/32

Maerten van der Fuijck
Tobias and the Angel Roasting the Fish