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Frans Snyders

(1579 - 1657)

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Books on Frans Snyders

Susan Koslow
Frans Snyders, The noble estate. Seventeenth-century still-life and animal painting in the southern Netherlands
Antwerp, 1995

Books with substantial mentioning of Frans Snyders

Peter C. Sutton
Northern European Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, From the Sixteenth through the Nineteenth Century
Philadelphia, 1990

Books with an entry on Frans Snyders

P. Biesboer
Collections of paintings in Haarlem, 1572-1745
Los Angeles, 2001

Catalogues with an entry on Frans Snyders

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin--Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Dokumentation der Verluste, Band I - Gemäldegalerie
Berlin, 1995

Articles on Frans Snyders

Susan Koslow, "How looked the Gorgon then...": The Science and Poetics of The Head of Medusa by Rubens and Snyders, in Cynthia P. Schneider, William W. Robinson, Alice I. Davies (eds.), Shop Talk, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995, pp 147-149
Hella Robels, Frans Snyders' Entwicklung als Stillebenmaler, in Gert von der Osten (ed.), Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch, Köln, 1969, pp 43-94


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