John Hoogsteder

Works traded through or once in the possession of Hoogsteder

Jan Steen
Samson and Delilah

Jan van der Heyden
An Imaginary Canal with the Church of Veere
c. 1670

Emanuel de Witte
Interior of the Oude Kerk, Delft
c. 1650-52

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
Isaac and Rebecca

Jan Lievens
Bearded Man with a Beret
c. 1630

Philips Wouwerman
St. George and the dragon

Jacob van Campen
Mercury, Argus and Io
c. 1635

Frans Post
The Ruins of Olinda
c. 1665

Cornelis Troost
Portrait of an Unknown Man

Jan Sanders van Hemessen
Allegory on conjugal harmony
c. 1554

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
Isaac and Rebecca

Michiel van Mierevelt
Portrait of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange-Nassau
c. 1632/40

Gerard Dou
Dentist Pulling Out a Girl's Tooth

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
Christ and the Woman of Samaria

Willem de Heusch
A wooded Italianate landscape

Pieter Snayers
A Panoramic View of The Siege of Saint Omer

Govaert Flinck
The Sacrifice of Isaac

Cornelis Stangerus
An earthenware tankard with a chopped herring on a pewter dish, a pipe, a roemer and a bread roll on a draped table