Francisco Goya

Antonia Zárate

Francisco Goya - Antonia Zárate


Richard R. Brettell and Stephen F. Eisenman, Nineteenth-century art in the Norton Simon Museum, New Haven, 2006, fig. 5b


2001 Goya - Images of Women, Nr. 41


1900, Adelaida Gil y Zárate, heirs of Antonia Zárate, Madrid
with M. Knoedler & Co., London
c. 1911, collection of Sir Otto Beit, London
1930, Alfred Beit
collection of Sir Alfred and Lady Beit, Blessington, Ireland
1987, gift of Sir Alfred and Lady Beit to the National Gallery of Ireland

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Francisco Goya
Antonia Zárate
103.5 x 82 cm
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin