Gustav Klimt - Baby

Catalogues raisonnés
Novotny/Dobai 221

Collection catalogues
John Walker, National Gallery of Art, Washington, New York, 1995, nr. 951

Renée Price (ed.), Gustav Klimt, New York; Munich, 2007, p. 21, fig. 11, p. 377
Tobias G. Natter and Christoph Grunenberg (eds.), Gustav Klimt, London, 2008, fig. 171

With Galerie Nebehay, Vienna
sold 1919 to Otto (died 1926) and Eugenia Primavesi, Vienna
acquired 1928 with other paintings from Eugenia Primavesi by Hugo or Otto Bernatzig (or Bernatzik), Vienna
brought to the United States by Josef Urban (1872-1933), New York
with Galérie St. Etienne, New York, possibly by 1959
Otto and Franciska Kallir, New York
acquired 1978 through gift and purchase by NGA

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Gustav Klimt
110.9 x 110.4 cm
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Gift of Otto and Franciska Kallir with the help of the Carol and Edwin Gaines Fullinwider Fund