Johannes Vermeer

Cavalier and Young Woman

Johannes Vermeer - Cavalier and Young Woman

Johannes Vermeer
Cavalier and Young Woman
c. 1657
50.5 x 46 cm
Oil on canvas
The Frick Collection, New York


Catalogues raisonnés
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Vermeer sale, 16 May 1696, Amsterdam, nr. 11
Léopold Double, bought, apparently as a de Hoogh, in an unidentified London sale
Double sale, 30 May 1881, Paris, nr. 16, sold to Prince Demidoff di San Donato, Villa di Pratolino, near Florence
Mrs. Samuel Joseph, London
With Knoedler
Frick, 1911

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RKD 242334
Frick Collection, New York Accession number 1911.1.127

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