Old Man with Gorget and Cap

Rembrandt - Old Man with Gorget and Cap


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 675
Bredius 81
Bauch 129 info
Gerson 46
Bredius/Gerson 81 info
Corpus I A 42 info
Tümpel 131
Corpus VI 58 info

Collection catalogues
Gary Schwartz, Rembrandt zijn leven, zijn schilderijen, Maarssen, 1984, fig. 54
Selected by James Cuno, Master Paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago; New Haven and London, 2009. p. 29

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2011 Rembrandt in America, Nr. 7


with Julius Böhler, Munich, by 1913
with H. Reinhardt, New York, 1913 or 1914
Evalyne M. Cone Kimball, Chicago, by 1914-1921
her bequest to the Art Institute of Chicago, 1922

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RKD 36167
Art Institute Chicago Accession number 1922.4467

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Old Man with Gorget and Cap
c. 1631
83.1 x 75.7 cm.
Oil on panel
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Kimball Collection