Jan Steen

The Procuress

Jan Steen - The Procuress


HdG 702 and 847
Braun 128


T. Regters, Amsterdam, by 1768
His sale, Jean Yver, Amsterdam, 18 April 1768, nr. 9
J. Witsen, Amsterdam, by 1790
His sale, Jean Yver, 16 August 1790, nr. 61, to Spaan
J. Bleuland, Utrecht, by 1839
His sale, Lamme, Utrecht, 6 May 1839, nr. 308
D. Vis Blokhuyzen, Rotterdam, by 1870
His sale, Paris, 1 April 1870, nr. 69
Marquis d'Aoust, Paris
M. Kann, Paris, by 1911
With Galerie Sedelmeyer, Paris, by 1911
Dr. M. Wasserman, Paris, by 1911
His sale, Hotel Drouot, Paris, 12 June 1919, nr. 33
Sale, December 11, 1928, to J. Hogeraats, The Hague
Dr. Molhuysen, The Hague
Jacob Hartog, The Hague
His forced sale to Hitler for the Linz Museum, 18 August 1942
Restituted to the Dutch government 15 February 1946
Returned to Jacob Hartog, New York, 1946
Thence by descent in the family
Sale Sotheby's New York, 28 January 2010, nr. 188

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Jan Steen The Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra
The Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra
c. 1670

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The Continence of Scipio
c. 1670-73

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Jan Steen Sacrifice of Iphigenia
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Jan Steen
The Procuress
31.8 x 25.7 cm
Oil on panel
Sale Sotheby's New York, January 28, 2010