Johannes Vermeer

A Woman Holding a Balance

Johannes Vermeer - A Woman Holding a Balance


Catalogues raisonnés
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possibly Pieter Claesz van Ruijven (1624-1674), Delft
possibly by inheritance to his wife, Maria de Knuijt (died 1681), Delft
possibly by inheritance to her daughter, Magdalena van Ruijven (1655-1682), Delft
possibly by inheritance to her husband, Jacobus Abrahamsz. Dissius (1653-1695), Delft
his sale, Amsterdam, 16 May 1696, nr. 1
Isaac Rooleeuw (c. 1650-1710), Amsterdam
his bankruptcy sale, Amsterdam, 20 April 1701, nr. 6
Paolo van Uchelen (c. 1641-1702), Amsterdam
by inheritance 1703 to his son, Paolo van Uchelen the Younger (1673-1754), Amsterdam
by inheritance to his daughter, Anna Gertruijda van Uchelen (1705-1766), Amsterdam
her estate sale, B. Tideman, Amsterdam, 18 March 1767, nr. 6
Nicolaas Nieuhoff (1733-1776), Amsterdam
his estate sale, Arnoldus Dankmeyer, Amsterdam, 14 April 1777 and days following, nr. 116
Van den Bogaard
Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria (1756-1825)
his estate sale, Munich, 5 December 1826, nr. 101, as by Gabriel Metsu
Louis Charles Victor de Riquet, duc de Caraman (1762-1839), Paris
his sale, Salle Lebrun by Lacoste, Paris, 10-12 May 1830, nr. 68
Casimir Pierre Péreir (1777-1832), Paris
his heirs
his estate sale, Christie & Manson, London, 5 May 1848, nr. 7
purchased by Péreir's son, probably Auguste C.V.L. Périer, later Casimir-Périer (1811-1876)
probably by inheritance to Auguste's daughter, Marie Thérèse Henriette Jeanne, comtesse de Ségur (1844-1916, née Périer)
purchased 1910 by P. & D. Colnaghi & Co., London
one-quarter share purchased October 1910 by M. Knoedler & Co., New York
sold 11 January 1911 to Peter A. B. Widener, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
inheritance from Estate of Peter A. B. Widener by gift through power of appointment of Joseph E. Widener, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
gift 1942 to NGA

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Johannes Vermeer
A Woman Holding a Balance
c. 1663/64
40.3 x 35.6 cm.
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Widener Collection